Photography for your Business

Have you ever imagined yourself not having to spend hours thinking about what image to post over social media? Or not having that personalised stock photo for your printed brochure and ended up with a conventional image you buy online?

But, have you imagine yourself pulling out a beautiful and on-brand image from your digital assets to showcase perfectly what you do and goes right on spot in your marketing materials or social media?

That’s what we do, taking you out of that stress

We’ll design a custom photo shoot that perfectly reflects your brand and story. You’ll get a unique gallery of images for you, your services, and your products.

You can tick out of your to-do list your ready-made digital assets by selecting the package that better suits your needs and wants. We know that knowing what you want, your personality will shine and thrive!

What’s included

Flatlays extravaganza

Flatlays or top-down images are among the favourites over Instagram, and personally, our favourites as well! They’re carefully designed that every single piece will help to tell a story.

Photographing your products

You’ve created your masterpiece, so getting the perfect image that highlights its perfection is a must! You’ll get a set of images for your collection of products: singles and groups images, lifestyle photos, how they’re used, and cutouts images for catalogues. The whole set you’ll need to showcase each of your products.

Creating trust by showing up

Think about that time that someone came to you and tried to sell you a product or service out of the blue, how does that make you feel? But instead of that stranger, it was your friend, who by the way you trust her opinion, told you about a product or service that goes perfect with you? I guess you would probably buy it in a blink!

Well, you should become that friend, and what a better way than showing yourself up on your marketing strategy. People are buying from people, and if you become your ideal client’s friend you’re right on track!

Showcasing what’s happening behind the scenes

The best way to nurture your ideal client is to show the human side of your business. Images that portray you or your surroundings will appeal even more to people to connect in some kind of way with you, you become relatable.

Creating profile portraits

Once you’ve been recognised as a master of your craft people start asking for your knowledge or you need a face for your PR, a well-created profile picture is also a must!


Personal Branding

Personalised Branding SessionSeasonal Branding SessionRefresher Branding Session
All-day shoot
3 locations
+120 images
x4 All day shoots throughout the year
3 locations each shoot
+500 images
Half-day shoot
1 location
+60 Images


New Collection ShootBehind the ScenesSubscription Boxes
10-20 products
You send it We shoot it
+40 images
Half-day shoot
1 location
+60 images
One box and its content
You send it We shoot it
+10 images

Not sure what you need and need a no-commitment consultation? Feel free to drop us a line, we love a good Zoom call!

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